Online Training

online personal training

Now you can get a personal trainer without the cost!

You get the same workouts you would get if we were working out together, but now in our new app that keeps track of your workouts, nutrition, training calendar, and fitness community.

It's a really great program that allows people to get a customized fitness and nutrition plan at a much lower cost that in person training.

Built in fitness and nutrition tracking, constant contact with a professional via Skype or private messaging within our app, and easy to follow instruction make our online training program an affordable and essential tool for success.​

We provide the education and accountability. You provide the hard work. Together we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

  • ​Fully customizable fitness experience
  • Log your fitness activities in real time
  • Access your workouts anytime, any place
  • Training plan created by us, based on your goals
  • Track your training plan with your customized calendar
  • 3000+ exercise library with videos
  • Set goals and track your progress
  • Works with most fitness trackers
  • Built in messenger, to stay in contact with your trainer
fitness tracker app

Nutrition Tracking

nutrition tracking app
  • ​Dietitian developed nutrition app
  • Real time nutritional analysis
  • Extensive food database with over 1 million items
  • Monitor your nutrition plan with our app
  • Create foods and meals you eat most often
  • Barcode scanner 
  • Calorie counting made easy
  • Nutrition accountability from your trainer

Your Online Fitness Community

  • ​Forge Fitness Online Fitness Community
  • Skype sessions with your trainer
  • Fitness and nutrition accountability and education
  • Online and mobile fitness and nutrition tracker
  • Custom activity calendar to plan your workouts
  • Individual and group challenges
  • Custom profile for each member
  • Private messaging with your trainer
forge fitness online training


You're ready to get started training online and need a little guidance.

  • Forge Fitness workout plan access
  • Nutritional tracking/logging
  • Training and nutrition app for iPhone/Android
  • Ability to track your progress over time
  • Monthly exercise and nutrition evaluation
  • Access to our online community
  • Access to group challenges
  • Milestone awards

$27 / month

Online Pro

You need more personalized attention and accountability to your workouts and diet.

Includes everything from the Online program plus:​

  • ​Access to our Pro App
  • Monthly Skype session with your trainer
  • Weekly exercise and nutrition evaluation
  • Private messaging with your trainer
  • Individual challenges
  • Pro exercises
  • Bonus workouts

$97 / month

Add Ons

These services can be added on to your program as needed.

  • Exercise and nutrition evaluation
  • Skype session with your trainer
  • Specialized training programs such as race prep, sports specific training, or rehabilitation

$20 - 50 per add on