Nutrition coaching is our method of helping our clients achieve their fitness and weight loss goals by employing small dietary changes over time.


We start with your existing diet by having you keep track of what you eat on a daily basis. This helps us see what you are currently eating. Once we know where to begin, we implement small changes in your daily nutrition plan over time. This method helps ensure that you do not take on too much in the beginning and fail in the long run.

The changes to your diet are designed to match your fitness and weight loss goals. They are specific to you, and are based on a realistic action plan.

Once we have made changes to your diet plan, we do ask that you keep track of what you eat. This enables us to see your nutrition on a daily basis and continue to make recommendations.

Nutrition coaching is included in our personal training packages, but can be purchased by itself for those clients who desire nutrition assistance only.


We do not design meal plans for our clients and we do not cook meals for our clients. We make specific recommendations for you based on your goals and preferences, that can be incorporated into your current diet.

We also do not give you our recommendations and ​leave you to fend for yourself. Our Nutrition Coaching program is ongoing and designed to work over time, to avoid burnout.

Nutrition Coaching

You are not concerned with exercise right now, but need help creating a healthy nutrition plan.

  • 1 Nutrition Coaching session per month - 1 hour
  • Forge Fitness Nutrition App
  • ​Meal tracking software
  • Scientific behavioral changes

$50 / Month