The Ultimate Holiday Fat Loss Survival Guide

holiday fat loss survival guide

The holiday season is here again. I know what you’re thinking. I wish there was some holiday fat loss how-to manual somewhere that I could read so I don’t derail all my 2017 fitness goals. Look no further. Here it is.

We’re past Thanksgiving, so most of us have already over indulged to some degree. Between now and New Years, you will be tempted with holiday parties, office parties, family gatherings, New Year’s Eve, and the busy holiday shopping days. All of these events have the ability to trip up even the most hardened dieter. It’s easy to fall into the trap of pushing your health and fitness into next year, and making that your primary resolution. This Holiday Fat Loss Survival Guide will help you avoid the traps and landmines that come with the holiday season. From traveling to decadent desserts that you just have to try once. If you can do some of these tasks daily, then you will be on your way to navigating the holidays with as little weight gain as possible.

  1. Grab a small plate – We’ve all been the person at the table who has the biggest plate they could find, and it’s loaded with every casserole in the kitchen. Usually this ends with us feeling like we ate too much and need a nap or elastic pants (usually both). By grabbing a smaller plate you will eat less at one sitting, and allow your food to digest slower, this is the first step toward holiday fat loss.
  2. Load up on veggies first – Once you have your smaller plate, go for low calorie veggie dishes first. Salads, roasted veggies, and anything not covered in cheese and candied pecans. Once you have most of your plate covered in these options, go for lean meats an some other dishes you want to try. This will get you more fiber and lean protein, before you have a chance to load up on high calorie sides.
  3. Drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning – While I think this is something everyone can benefit from everyday, this is especially useful during the holidays. When you wake up in the morning after you have over-indulged, the only thing you want is to get rid of the holiday meal still making its way through your intestine. By downing two big glasses of water first thing, you are helping things move on out, if you get my drift.
  4. Keep snacks in your car – Don’t get caught out holiday shopping without something healthy to snack on. You’ll only end up at the coffee shop getting a pastry, or the gas station eating one of those “chicken” taquitos. Dried and fresh fruit, jerky, nuts and seeds, bars, and protein shakes are all great options to throw in your car before you venture out for the day.
  5. Go for a group walk – After dinner, most people want to sit around and enjoy a combination conversation/nap. To get your energy and digestion flowing, opt instead for a walk around the neighborhood with family and friends. The conversations are great and you will feel much better after.
  6. Pick one dessert, don’t try them all – This one is the hardest for most people to follow. You think you will hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t try their bacon, peanut butter, coconut cheesecake. I understand. Instead take a serving of each dessert, and only eat one. You can take the others with you for another day. The cheesecake will be just as good tomorrow. Trust me. If you’re really focused on holiday fat loss, then forgo the dessert altogether.
  7. Choose wine instead of egg nog – Most holiday beverages are loaded with sugar and calories. While not exactly a low calorie beverage, red wine is arguably much better for you than beer and liquor drinks, and pairs with most holiday meals. Bonus: Don’t stress over your New Year’s champagne. The average 4 oz glass has around 95 calories.
  8. Schedule your workouts – I know, I know. You have to wrap presents, decorate the house, write and mail cards, and cook your holidays feasts. You have a lot on your plate this season. But if you don’t schedule your workouts into your day, you probably won’t do them. It’s easy to rationalize the fact that you are too busy to exercise, but the workouts will be much harder after this hiatus. Trust me.
  9. Go to the mall, instead of buying online – Amazon is going to own the world one day i’m sure. It is super convenient to have presents shipped right to your house in 2 days. The only downside is that you aren’t doing anything active with that saved time. Go to the mall and look around for a few hours. All the walking will burn calories, you never would have by just sitting in front of your computer.
  10. Check restaurants when traveling – If you are traveling this season, check hotels ahead of time to see what healthy food options they offer. You can also ask them what restaurants or grocery stores are nearby. If staying with relatives, offer to cook a few meals. I’m sure they won’t mind, and you can create healthy meals that you need and they will enjoy also.