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Ultimate Upper Body Workout – Push/Pull

ultimate upper body workout

Work through the exercises in an interval style. One after the other with a rest after you complete each round.

  • Stability Ball Dumbbell Chest Press – 15 reps
  • Medicine Ball Slams – 15 reps
  • Plyometric Pushups – 10 reps
  • Dumbbell High Pull – 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Bent Over Row – 15 reps
  • Floor Press – 10 reps per arm
  • Core Row – 10 reps per arm
  • Plank Walkup – 30 seconds

Super Pump Arm Workout

arm workout

It’s a brand new week. That means it’s time for an arm workout that will not only give you a super pump, but also help build lean muscle.

We are going to do this arm workout in an interval style. Do the exercises in succession, with 15 seconds of rest between sets.

You will need a set of heavy dumbbells and a chair or plyo box. A kettlebell is optional, but encouraged for the overhead extensions.

Super Pump Arm Workout

Complete 5 rounds

  • Overhead tricep extension – 30 seconds
  • Rest 15 seconds
  • Alternating bicep curl – 30 seconds
  • Rest 15 seconds
  • Close pushup – 30 seconds
  • Rest 15 seconds
  • Dumbbell bicep curl – 30 seconds
  • Rest 15 seconds
  • Dip – 30 seconds
  • Rest 15 seconds

This is a great workout to do after your big lifts (bench press, overhead press, squat) for maximum benefit. Try this in place of your WOD’s also for a great targeted arm workout after your other lifting.

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Core Shred Workout

core shred workout

It’s Hump Day!! That means Core Shred Workout!!

We’re all feeling a little worn out from the week so far, and a little depressed about all the cookies we ate last night.

Maybe that’s just me.

This Core Shred Workout is designed to firm up your abs and add definition to your midsection that you never knew you were capable of. Gut it out!!

Core Shred Workout – 5 Rounds

  • Medicine Ball Rotations – 30 seconds
  • Flutterkicks – 30 seconds
  • Stability Ball Roll Up – 30 seconds
  • Plank Walk Up – 30 seconds
  • Kettlebell Wood Chop – 30 seconds per side
  • Rest 30 seconds

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Squat Variations You Aren’t Doing


The squat is usually at the core of most lower body workouts, and for good reason. It is one of the single best exercises for developing lower body strength and power. They help develop speed and stamina that translates to every sport imaginable.

These four variations of the squat all work the lower body in slightly different ways.

Sumo Squat

The sumo squat is probably one of the lesser performed variations of the squat. It is ground based, similar to the deadlift, however the wide stance will allow you to go down to parallel. The position of the kettlebell or barbell should also allow you to use a much heavier load, than with some of the other variations.

Goblet Squat

Goblet squats are a great variation to include in a WOD or intervals. They are not difficult to master and will allow you complete a large number of reps in a row. Having the kettlebell in the front loaded position is similar to the front squat, but with a much lower weight. This position will also put extra stress on your core, so make sure you keep it tight.

Split Squat

The split squat is a squat variation that closely resembles the lunge. However, IT IS NOT A LUNGE!! Now that we have that straight. The split squat is an awesome exercise that targets your quads and stresses each leg individually. Adding weight to is a great way to increase strength in a leg that might not be as strong as the other leg, since you’ll do them one leg at a time.

Overhead Squat

The overhead squat is by far the most challenging squat variation. Since the load is at arms length overhead, the weight you will be able to use will be much less than other variations. This version will test your arm strength and stability, core strength as well as lower body strength.

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Interval Training Fat Loss Workout

fat loss workout

This high intensity fat loss workout will get your fat burning and your heart pumping.

If you are in a muscle building phase, this is a good workout to do after you lift, or first thing in the morning to get your day started right.

Complete 6 rounds:

  • Medicine ball slams – 30 seconds
  • High knees – 30 seconds
  • Box jumps – 30 seconds
  • Squat jumps – 30 seconds
  • Split Jumps – 30 seconds
  • Mountain climber – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 30 seconds

This fat loss workout will take just over 20 minutes to complete. Pace yourself and do the best you can!

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