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Brian Seelos

I grew up playing sports, and I was decent. Not great, but good enough to be competitive. One of my biggest problems was not being as muscular as my teammates or competitors. I was skinny, and not that strong. I knew I needed to change that.

After high school I spent most of my free time reading books and researching what builds muscle and what doesn't. I was my own guinea pig and the gym was my laboratory. I went from a skinny 6'0, 160 pounds to a muscular 6'2, 195 pounds. I had a growth spurt, but I also honed a muscle building system that can work for anyone. This was the time I decided to get certified and begin to help others gain lean muscle and the confidence that goes along with it.


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Online Training

Do you have the motivation and desire to build lean muscle, but lack the knowledge to make it happen? Do you need quality workouts that match your goals, not a cookie cutter program? Our online personal training program will help you reach your muscle building goals faster than you could on your own. Click below to find out how our online training program can help you.

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Personal Training

Are you looking for the best personal trainer in Athens, Georgia? Our in-home personal training programs are designed to meet your goals, challenge you, and motivate you to keep training after you want to give up. Each personal training package includes the workouts and ongoing nutrition consulting. Click below to find out how we can help you.

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